18. Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry And Orphanage

October 20, 2017


Henry Lubega


When you pursue your God-given dreams, don’t expect approval, support, and encouragement from the people around you. Not everyone understands the magnitude of the dream that God placed on your heart. Not everyone understands what is fueling your burning desire. Not everyone clearly sees the picture of the future that God has painted on the canvas of your mind. Not everyone understands the level of your faith, the depth of your conviction and the clarity of your vision. If you wait until you get the approval of everyone, then you’ll never get started. Some people are unsettled by what you are about to do. Others would rather have you linger longer with them in the confines of their comfort zone. Not everyone will celebrate your pursuit of greatness. Heaven is cheering, your future is calling, and your past is pursuing you. Whom shall you obey; your past, your critics or your creator?

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