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January 23, 2016



We believe there is no better investment than giving education to the kids, which is not only teaching academics but also showing compassion and emulating positive social skills. All in all, they have a huge part in helping to inspire the future minds of Uganda. By standing behind us in the struggle to give quality basic education, we will be a blessing to lives of the young generation. By doing this, we shall be able to break the cycle of poverty in the region. What is needed to bring this into reality? Buy land for the school, why? The school is currently operating in a wooden church building to care for the orphans and vulnerable. There is need for space. There need to put up permanent classroom blocks, why? To have a conducive descent learning environment for the kids. There need have reading materials such as, text books, why? This is to promote the reading culture amongst the young generation.


There is need to Bibles for each child. This is to strength their spiritual inner man and they when they can trust God. Being a Christian based organization, we adhere to the biblical principal. We love to give our kids balanced diet meals so as to make them love stay at school and eliminate school drop outs By hiring and supporting a qualified and motivated teaching staff, a ripple effect occurs, which ultimately changes a community. There is no simple one-size fits-all solution to combat poverty. However, we believe that through investing in great teachers, Our School is better prepared to empower young minds and open new doors of opportunity. The school has signs of excellence given the added value to the few. Given your partnership, we shall be able to meet many who are struggling.


Teachers in Uganda are often woefully underpaid, which results in a very poor quality of education. If these teachers cannot provide for their own children at home, it is very hard for them to then fight for the well being of a child outside of it. To help ensure that our teachers are able to provide for their own families and have the peace of mind to be fully dedicated to instilling a quality level of education to our children, we are calling on people to partner with us and invest in the best teachers here in Uganda.

Step by step is asking others to join us in our mission to provide a quality education for children in Uganda who would otherwise not have a chance to even get a third grade education or none at all. Please join us in touching the lives of children who will effect generations to come and change the world for good. A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated to help us reach our yearly goal. Please pray for the school and children and their teachers. Pray that more children will be able to afford an education. Pray that as we partner with them that they will experience the love of Christ shown to them through these simple but tangible ways of helping them to have better opportunities in life. We are committed to sharing, Empowering and equipping the young generation in order to give them a solid foundation in all spheres of life, spiritually, physically, socially and economically. Transparency, accountability, love, commitment and faithfulness are core values to both God and man. It is my humble prayer that we work together Lead together Walk together And achieve together

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