20. Reach A Hand Children Ministry And Orphanage

October 18, 2017


Henry Lubega


Life is a continual battle. Every person you meet is either preparing to enter a battlefield, or in the middle of an intense fight or just came out of a fight and is nursing the wounds of war. Oftentimes you’re engaged in multiple battles on multiple fronts. Fight on! You cannot win without a fight. You cannot reach your destiny or full potential sitting on your blessed assurance. Yes, pray but after praying stand up and fight. If you are truly a child of God, know and understand that you have an enemy that is organized and determined to fight and stop you from receiving your blessings, from reaching your destiny and living the life that God desires for you. In this life there is only sweet after sweat. The Devil is in this world for no other reason but to “kill and destroy,” but Christ came so you may have abundant life.” (John 10:10) If you let him, the Devil will rob you of every blessing and every breakthrough that belongs to you. Blessings are the spoils of war. No pain, no gain. Therefore “Resist the Devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7) Fight and take back control of your life and everything than the enemy took from you. The good news is that God assures us victory for every battle we are willing to enter with him. God promises to go before us but not without us. God promises that, “I will be with you,” assuming that we will be in the battle with him. When God promises, “I will strengthen thee” (Isaiah 41:10) it is not strength to run and avoid he fight, but strength to fight till the end. Do not give up! Onward and ever forward Christian Soldier! Victory is certain in Jesus’ name!

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