27. Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry Orphanage

October 11, 2017


Henry Lubega


Never compare yourself to anyone. God doesn’t mass produce people. God did not create you to fit in or to impersonate anyone. You were created to become the best version of yourself, not a perfect impersonation of someone else. Therefore do not waste your precious time trying to look like someone else, walk like someone else, dress like someone else, live like someone else, dream like someone else, sing like someone else, or talk like someone else. Every person is created to be different. Everyone is a genius in his or her capacity. You cannot judge a fish by its inability to fly. Neither can you judge a bird by its inability to swim. Happy people accept who they truly are in Christ. Happy people don’t mask their true identity. Happy people feel comfortable and at home in their own skin. If you really want to imitate some, imitate Christ. Don’t let anyone label you a failure just because of your inability to imitate others. You become a failure when you fail to become the best version of yourself. Unless you are doing something sinful, stop being afraid to be yourself. Whatever your size, color, gender, or race, don’t be afraid to embrace your true identity. Never try to change yourself to fit into people’s subjective molds of you. You are unique, you have a unique skill set and a unique life story. You are special to God just the way you are. God says, “whoever touches you touches the apple of His eye.” (Zechariah 2:8)

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