46. Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry And Orphanage

September 21, 2017


Henry Lubega


Know what God has said to you. Remember the first word God has ever spoke to you. You may have been very young when it happened. It may have been in a dream, or someone may have prophesied it to you, but always go back and reference the first Word God has ever spoken concerning you, because it is that Word that will carry you through the tough times.
I would like to encourage you to remember the first Word that God spoke to you. More important than that, remember what God’s Word says about your situation. Demons are not threatened by tears, profanity, or physical weapons. The only thing that causes demons get out of the way and go is the name of Jesus Christ and His spoken Word.
In the beginning was the word. In every beginning there is always a word. Remind yourself of that word and encourage yourself with God’s word. It is spirit and life…..His word will break through the enemy’s lies and shine a light on your path and give you guidance to your breakthrough…..

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