57. Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry And Orphanage

September 12, 2017


Henry Lubega

Most women think being a man is the easiest thing in life. Of course it’s harder to be a woman, but being a man is also not a joke. Some women even think men don’t go through any pain in life, but the truth is men do cry, but he holds his tears and fears. Women have a foundation of peace while men have a foundation of courage. Women act very fast while men think very deep. Inside every man is a spirit of an a angel and a beast. Parental upbringing, environmental impact and religious teachings have a lot to play in building a man.

A boy that lacks affection when growing up may not be able to give attention when he becomes a man. Inside the heart of every responsible man goes a lot of pains and worries that he can’t explain. He thinks about how to keep providing for his family and how to make them feel secured. He knows his wife and kids are his sole responsibility in life. Whatever makes his family happy is his priority in life. Even with tears in his eyes and fear in his heart, he still manages to smile and give hopes to his family even when he is not sure himself. He knows that any man who is not responsible has failed as a man. He works very hard not because he wants a new clothes and shoes, but only to make sure his family are ok and provide them with the basic things of life. He gave up what he enjoys doing to spend time with his wife and kids. He delayed his gratification for his kids to be successful in life. He endure the natural stress of marriage and acts wisely when he’s been pushed to the wall.

He bridged the inevitable gap between his mother and wife. He wisely and peacefully balance between the two most important women in his life. He gives confidence to his family when there’s no hope in sight. He worries and have sleepless nights over each kids behavior, success and prays to GOD to make all his kids successful in life. He gave up some of his own dreams for his kids to be successful in life. When his friends were building houses, he’s busy building the future.

Despite all that, there is always a strong woman, who supports and hold a man stronger. Without a woman, all that a man thinks about may not be successful. Let us respect women.


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