88. Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry and Orphanage Center

April 22, 2019

Written By:

Pastor Henry Lubega


My sermon today in reflection of this Easter Eve , we must build our lives in the line of Christ. Let us have hope, faith and love. Love not only for ourselves and our family members but love everyone. No matter how Jesus suffered on the cross, what kept him was hope and faith and love for me and for you.

Jesus had nothing to prove, he had walked his life and had done his job, dying for us was not to prove himself but rather to shade love for you and me. Let us respect his blood and suffering on the cross as a sign of unity, trust, faith and love.

So many people have written their names on big and tall buildings, so many people have written their names on their luxurious cars, so many people have written their names in living an expensive life, now I tell you all that doesn’t matter. If you want to write your name and to be remembered in life, write your name on the hearts of the poor. Feed them (Mathew 25:35) dress them, love them and your name will stay in their hearts. That is love, that is humanity and that is Christianity, that’s what Jesus died for on the cross, let us live by the example Jesus set for us.

Happy Easter to you all my friends and friends of RCHMO. May Almighty God bless you all. I pray for huge blessings upon your lives, pockets, your families and friends. Thank you for standing with us, for loving us and taking care of us. We call upon everyone who can stand with us to help the needy children, come share with us. Life is about hope and we haven’t lost hope on ourselves, there is nothing small in the eyes of God, whatever you give in for the work of God changes a life a child, share a smile and make a memory in the lives of our children, and there YOU WILL WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE HEARTS OF THE POOR. I swear to you, your name will always be remembered.

God bless you.

Please give all financial gifts, large or small to Pastor Henry Lubega @ Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry And Orphanage: Or use wave.com a quick and easy way to send money to Africa. You will need this phone no. +256703678764

Or Donate To: https://www.gofundme.com/edwards-funds-for-orphanageuganda

You can also purchase anything from Amazon.com or Target.com through this website.

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