3. Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry And Orphanage~The Hope of A New Well~Water Tanks Installed

November 3, 2017


Henry Lubega

Praise the Lord!
The mercy of the Lord never stops and His wonders are ever incomparable. Due to long-suffering and cries for clean water, our community finally gets a well. God is good!

I extend my deepest appreciation towards this project. This will help to solve all community problems about clean water. Very many people especially the children have been falling sick due to using dirty water . We appreciate this service and we pray that the Lord rewards you for this wonderful work you have done in the community.

Just to clarify, this well was being constructed in a nearby community. Henry was called by this construction company because they wanted to show him what it will look like. They are the same company that was originally contracted to drill a well for their Orphanage. It was very encouraging for Henry to know that one day they will have a well such as this.

Henry continues to hold out faith for a well such as this for Reach A Hand Children’s Orphanage Center. But hope always springs eternal, because a new friend provided water tanks for them, they were installed on Thursday the 21st I believe.

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