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December 24, 2018

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Mary James

Christmas always manages to take me from the manger to the cross rather quickly. It refreshes my understanding that Jesus came as a babe, lived as a humble carpenter, and ultimately died for the sins of the world. I often find myself with hands clenched full of stones – stones of judgement and zero compassion – forgetting that the nails were pounded in the hands and feet of Jesus because of my sins as well.

As God gives me this miraculous, grace-filled perspective, I liken myself to the men in the temple who were essentially asked, “This is how you wish to judge her? To stone her? Let’s tally your offenses and level the playing field, shall we?”

Such an assault on my conscience quickly eliminates all righteous indignation and I can do nothing but drop the rocks. Every human part of me wants to commit a “stoning of the heart” to thus allow the death of a relationship, but the compassion of Jesus in me always causes me to walk in the opposite direction. It is entirely counterintuitive to the mind set of natural man, but God’s love simply does not operate in the natural. It is supernatural, love-saturated, irrationally gracious, brave, courageous, and totally unafraid. I am grateful He allows me to live in these heart attitudes with Him. For me it is the best Christmas present a rock thrower could ever receive. #forshelovedmuch #droptherocks #loveneverfails #merrychristmas#Godsaves

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