Mountain, You Gots To Go!

December 27, 2015


When am faced with a mountain, I will not quit! I will strive to see that I climb over it or get a way to pass through it by digging a tunnel underneath it or I simply stay and believe in God’s help to make me turn my mountain into a miracle.

THE SCRIPTURE SAYS: “And passing alone early, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots. And remembering, Simon Peter said to him, Rabbi, behold the fig tree which you cursed has withered. And answering, Jesus said to them, Let the faith of Yahweh [Lord] be in you. For truly I say to you, that he who says to this mountain, be lifted and fall into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart but believe that it will happen, that thing which he said it will happen.” (Mark 11 :20-23)

SERMON: What takes away your mountain, it’s not your silence, but it’s when you speak according to the word of God, your mountain will go away. The word of God works when you believe it and speak it out. So, In the world today, evil is at an increase because they are advocating for their rights and the kingdom of God is at a decrease, because the church today fears to stand and speak the word of God publicly. Its easy for the wealthy church to fund children education, health, famine but not evangelism, prayer retreats and discipleship of new believers. And in church schools, we do not have syllabuses which bring those children close to God and yet in school syllabuses we have things like sex orientation, avoiding children discipline when they have done wrong, promoting divorce, and so forth, which takes people far away from God.

Your Mountains does not have ears to hear your personal words, but it hears the spoken word of God which comes out of your mouth by faith in God. When you speak to the mountain trusting in your own power, that mountain will not move away but when you speak by faith trusting and leaning on the Almighty God, then your faith in God will work for you a miracle and a mountain will move to the place you want it to be.

I wish all of us Christians becomes active evangelist, spiritual mentors who disciples’ others, preachers, members of parliament who are part of state law makers and prayer warriors, the evil will reduce.


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