30. Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry And Orphanage

October 8, 2017


Henry Lubega


Jesus’ blood that was shed when He was rejected by his own, beaten, stripped naked and belittled and mocked in every way. He was the covering for all mankind. He took a multitude of sin …..for the whole world …..and His shed blood covered us against Gods judgment upon mankind, just as He passed judgment upon the Egyptians. We now have a blood covering as well, however, ours came at a price that only Jesus could pay…..
So now, when God looks at us, He sees the Blood that Jesus shed during His trial and on the cross. God sees redemption.
The grave could not hold him, he is alive…..I pray that you take a few minutes to give honor to the perfect sacrifice on this Resurrection Sunday….His name is Jesus and he alone deserves the glory for this holiday that we have set aside to remember his gift to us

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