5. Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry And Orphanage

November 1, 2017

Henry Lubega

Suffering is a feeling of isolation especially to the people who’s lives are filled with suffering. Everyone suffers in different ways, and that suffering differs in gravity. The suffering I always refer to is the suffering of the Israelites under the harsh rule of King pharaoh. There is much suffering that goes on in our lives, but usually when we are comfortable in our lives we forget that there are many people who are suffering now.

Very many people suffer because they are driving a BMW car, and they want a Mercedes-Benz not considering that someone else drives a very old car and sometimes can’t afford it. But still there is one who prays who have had to walk everywhere all their lives, but wish to have an old car. Others suffer because they are sleeping in a Bangalore house yet what they want actually is a flat house forgetting that there are very many people who pray to have a hut because they have slept on the streets throughout their entire life, and some people suffer because they haven’t had their evening tea forgetting that there is one who has not eaten for a couple of days, and their prayer is at least to have a cup of water to live.

I am not minimizing your suffering, but we must realize there are very many people who’s suffering is so much greater than yours. Therefore, in what ever state you’re in, reflect on how many people can’t get what you have!

Moral lesson.
Don’t focus on your sufferings, always have a heart that cares for others. Thank God for what you have, what you are, and who you are. Many people want to have just a quarter of what you have Sometimes they lament! How I wish I could be like this man or woman!! But unfortunately they cannot. Extend the little you have, share it with others because it will make a very big difference in their lives. Let the care we have for ourselves, our children and our relatives reach out to others.

God bless you all


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