6. Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry And Orphanage

October 31, 2017


Henry Lubega of Reach A Hand Children’s Ministry

When I was growing up as a young boy, my mother wanted me to be a lawyer and I used to boost as a lawyer at school. Life is very different because when my mother died in 2002, I started shaping myself to journalism. I believed in being a popular person, a very rich man, with a beautiful house and an expensive car.

But look here when I grew up and got saved, my mind changed. What am doing now is totally different from my early childhood dreams. I love the job I do, and I feel I should even do it for life. I don’t dream about mansions and expensive luxury cars and an expansive life style, I don’t want to be popular but to live a simple down to earth life. At this time even if I got a lot of money, I wouldn’t build a mansion or actually buy cars, all I look at is changing the lives of children in my country. Every day I pray about it and I know God is blessing it.

So comrades, when the Lord has chosen you to do His work, do it whole heartedly and with love. We are bound by the Moto “by your side we car” and we are striving to have better lives for the orphans, vulnerable, less advantaged, HIV infected children and children who need special attention, we help them in terms of education, health, food, shelter and basic needs, so that no child feels less of who they are because of what they are.

Our names are Bobby & Karla Edwards

We’ve chosen to represent and be Advocates for:
Henry Lubega
P.O. Box 253, Kiryokya Mityana
Uganda, Africa

Please, these kids need clothes, clean drinking water, school supplies and most of all Bibles. Go to Henry Lubega on Facebook, he’s the orphanage Director. Friend him on his Facebook page and speak directly with him my fellow comrades in Christ. We’re not the only ones on this planet Christ spilled His blood for.

I Bobby R. Edwards has seen and been very close to being homeless while living in Downtown Los Angeles. Shortly after becoming a Christian I chose to preach The Gospel and be a witness there. I felt Jesus led me to be one of the hungry, the poor, and destitute. These are the ones ignored most in this world. In my heart I could hear Jesus with that still small voice of his saying, “Follow Me”? So that was where I followed. It was as if I’d been led by The Holy Spirit into my wilderness adventure. Those days became the foundation of the man I am today. Well here I am at age 64 coming full circle to help those who are hungry, homeless, destitute and orphaned. If I and my wife were in a position to go to Uganda I believe we would, but my personal health issues would make that too much of a challenge. So after much prayer and loving support from my wife of 25 years, this is what we choose  to do together.

So I ask friends, family, and loved ones to reach out to these kids with donations, bibles, food, clothing, mosquito nets, shoes, and your prayers. Pastor and Director Henry Lubega sleeps two hours in the mornings from 5am to 7am and sometimes from 7pm to 9pm. That’s probably the kind of sleep Jesus got.

Please, pray about it. Check him out on Facebook in The Name of Christ Jesus, our LORD and our King!

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