The Nature of Faith

June 21, 2019

Written By:

Dr. James P. Norman


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Do you know what faith is?  Do you really understand the nature of faith? Most Christians don’t consider the nature of what Faith really is. Faith is not a matter of taste. Faith is not an option where you base it on how you feel. Faith is imperative. It is absolutely essential that you and I understand the nature so that we may follow God’s Decrees. Believing that you have received his salvation and Holy Spirit does not mean you won’t be led by your own lusts and desires at times.


Faith is never under any circumstances demonstrated by what you’re doing for Jesus. That is the first and most popular delusion – that when a man is busy for God, he is a great man of faith.  Faith is giving God an open door into your spirit to work his decrees (see my blog on the decrees part 1 and 2) even if you don’t understand totally at the time, but by your relationship you trust Him. You say wow what a great man of faith, look what he is doing for God. Nonsense!  God is looking to do something through you that the majority of Christians and Christian leaders would never allow him to do because it required hard will choices. Faith in God is never demonstrated by what you are doing for God. When you exercise faith it will bring somebody or something into action on your behalf.  It’s always in the form of one or many miracles put together.

Faith is a disposition or an attitude that invokes the activity of someone else (a second party). When you exercise faith it is to bring somebody or something into action on your behalf. You’re exercising faith right now in the chair, or bed you’re in. But your faith isn’t demonstrated by your own activity. Your faith in the structure where you are is being demonstrated by the activity of the structure proving its integrity… the only thing between you and the floor. You’re exercising faith in the structure. Faith invokes the activity of a second sometimes a third party; it brings somebody for everybody or a thing into action on your behalf to perform a Decree of God.

Your faith in him is not only demonstrated by what you’re doing for him but by even more by what he is doing for you. The statement my faith in Jesus is demonstrated by what I’m doing for Jesus is pure nonsense. What you’re doing for Jesus only demonstrates your faith in yourself. If you make Christ the object of your faith, then He will become the origin of your activity. Then the world will see what Christ can do through you. All the attention should go to Christ and not to us.

Never congratulate a man on his faith in God. Should a man be congratulated because he trusts his creator? Congratulate him on his creator not on his faith. God did it, period! The more confident you are in the object of your faith, the less conscious you are of the faith you exercise in that object. You never have to advertise your faith if you are truly exercising it. If you are always worried about your faith relationship to God, you need to get acquainted with God. It’s the only cure for ignorance. Where does faith come from?  By hearing, hearing the Word of God, not listening to what other people have to say about God, but listening to what God has to say about himself. Listen to what he has to say about you and me. Give God time enough to talk to you long enough.

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