April 30, 2019

Thou art worthy because of the price that was paid by Jesus. To receive glory, he should not be asking or expecting too much from us. He wants us to glorify him in character and in the essence of our lives. We are to honor His memory and His act of faith by having confidence in His teachings. As part of His creation you and I as men were created to please God. Without Faith it is impossible to please Him because that is how God engineered us. This is the sure Divine Logic of God that there is a Hidden factor absent in Human understanding or reasoning. This alone is the mountain of difference between what is divinely possible and otherwise cannot be humanely unreasonable. The hidden factor is God himself. You and I are so engineered with a body, soul, and spirit, and also mind emotion and will that God alone could (in us) be the origin of His own image.

He’s the only one that can do it. He is God, teaching the mind and controlling the emotions. He directs the Will. God governs the behavior; so that you behave in such a way that God can be seen. He alone must be the origin of the act and the only person to be congratulated. The Lord Jesus deliberately went forth so that he may exercise those attributes of deity that would have been incompatible with His humanity. I don’t mean by this that at any moment the Lord Jesus repudiates His identity with the Father and the Holy Spirit as Godhead. God He was, God He is, and God He will always be.

It’s simply that in order to accomplish the redemptive transformation that allows us now as redeemed sinners (forgiven though guilty, acquitted, though born at enmity of our creator) to become the recipients again of that life. The life which man was made, the life forfeited in Adam the day that man died. In order, that he might accomplish that reconciliation to God through His death. Also, that we may be saved by His life.

He had to set aside/forgo the exercise of those attributed of deity that would have been incompatible with that humanity in which as the last Adam, He fulfilled that redemptive and regenerative purpose. 

God alone has immortality. He is not subject to any form of death, but the Lord Jesus died. As God, He never could experience death so He had to (through God), assume our Humanity. He could then suffer as man what He never could as God. (1 Timothy 6:16 says “God is invisible”). No man has seen him or can see Him at any time. So if the Lord Jesus had come not only to be God, but to behave as God, nobody would have seen Him. Deliberately for your sake and mine, he assumed that humanity. God had engineered humanity for a creature called man in a physical and visible body. It is an audible expression of an invisible self. Intimately, it is identified in spiritual union with an invisible God. He did it to perfection because he as God knew how he made man. And if he didn’t know as God who created man who exactly created man or how he should behave as man (in terms of his relationship with his Father as God) nobody else does.

That’s why he said as the Father sends me, I’m going to send you. Quite obviously, the Father didn’t send Him to be God and Behave as God. We are not God, nor could we be God. He can only send us as men as that Father sent him as man. 

God he was, God he is, and God He will always be. He as a part of the Godhead could have stayed in heaven and let us perish. He never had to do it. But, God so loved the Earth that he deliberately by agreement gave his son, that whosoever believe in Him should not perish, but have restored to us that life that was lost in Adam, life which alone is eternal and that life is the life of God.

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