29. Faith, Foolishness, or Presumption

April 26, 2021

Rom. 10: 5-17; Acts 13: 39; 15: 7-9; Eph. 2: 5,8-9; Hab. 2: 4; Rom, 1: 16-17;; Gal. 2: 16; 2: 20; 3: 11-12; Heb. 10: 38; 1st John 5: 10-12


I do like people, I do. I have never in my life got up one morning and thought to myself…who can I piss off today? In fact, my thoughts were and still are the exact opposite, I was what you’d call a people pleaser. Being a people-pleaser led me to smoking cigarettes, which also then led to marijuana. And of course came the hard stuff. To name a few, cocaine, heroin, acid, and mescaline. And I topped it all off with booze; any flavor. With that said, this post may ruffle some feathers. I would apologize in advance for it, at least that’s what the people pleaser in me wants me to do. But the Christ in me, who is my hope of Glory says there’s no such need (Col. 1:23-29). I’m His minister, so I don’t need to apologize for what he’s given me to teach about this life. Of course, all Christians should know that this new life (zōē) is part of the lives (psuchē) we’ve shared on this earth BC and AD. That’s the way God planned it,ieve that’s the way he meant it to be. If we had no stench from the ragged clothes of our past sins, then we wouldn’t have much of a testimony would we (Rev. 12:11)? Of course there are those of us who believe we can win people over with a smile and a coke, or a well-placed antidote. Unfortunately, I don’t have that gift, and I’m not opposed to them . Actually, I don’t remember them. They go in one ear and right out the other. So you anecdotal preachers, please don’t take offense? I have nothing against your stories, I’m admitting that I am not that good with them. Me, The Spirit has groomed in such a way that I have to cut to the chase. If I should use them the Holy Spirit will lead me to an online bookstore and learn a few. Now, let me get to the point.

In the past four years I’ve become conscience of how the political machine in this country works. What I mean is this, I’ve learned about the Christian who support certain politicians. And also the ones they think are of the devil. The ones that they think are of God are usually fat and wealthy. I’ve also picked up on the difference between Conservative and voting Progressive Christians. To be conservative means you want things to remain the way they are. Tradition, don’t change anything, and no change means no growth. you know that old acronym, (KISS) keep it simple stupid. Unfortunately, the Christian life is not simple. Agape love is anything but simple, it’s hard (Rom. 12:9-10; 13:8-10; 14:1-23; 1st Cor. 13:1-). You must fight to keep it, faith works by love (Gal. 5:6; 1st Tim. 6:12). The no changes meaning no growth concept I learned many years ago. I hadn’t a clue about how it applied to politics. So naive and unassuming. In a nutshell, being progressive eans you seek change and growth, not bound by traditions. Old time religion is not good enough for them, and I do mean religion.


For over 400 years in this country there hasn’t been very much change, especially for people of color. Some Churches make it worse. Martin Luther King once said “Sunday morning is the most segregated day of the week”. Christians off to their respective churches; Baptist Methodist, Lutheran, ect., ect. If we would all open our hearts like a little child, the first thing we would see is the hypocrisy of it all. But we don’t see what is, we see what we want. Jesus saw things exactly as they were, and called them exactly as they were. The problem is not pro-choice or the LGBTQ community. The problem is hating on things that we don’t understand. You know, Christians…some things aren’t any of your business. But most of us are too proud and stuck-up to get that through our heads. If anyone is going to straighten out someone’s life, let it be the One who straightened out your life. If it is indeed straighten out. The truth is, I’m up to my eyeballs with my own crap, and so are you. How in the world can I see clearly enough the pluck splinters out of someone else’s eyes. I have a housing project in mine, and so do you. God has not called us to deprogram people, focus on what He’s doing in your life. Listen to His voice in The Word about you and your own.. This is His message to me, so I’m commissioned to pass it on to you. If the shoe doesn’t fit don’t wear it. But if you know in your heart of hearts that your foot slipped right into that Reebok or Nike, then it’s for you. I have been in relationships with church folk where it felt forced, or it seemed more like work. Have any of you ever experienced that? I’ve also had relationships that grew organically. We never worked hard to have a healthy relationship. It happened because of mutual respect. These relationships that grew organically have taught me something, kindness leads (Rom. 2:1-4). I hate being misunderstood so let me explain. I don’t have any one person in mind nor am I passing judgment on Reebok and Nike wearers, not my job. These are only my observations. Things I’ve learned from being around Christian for over 40 years.


With that said, words have power. Some have written books that say, “Words are the most powerful thing in the universe.” I have no doubt in my mind about this. Our Lord Jesus once said of the religious leaders of his day, the people should do as they say, but not as they do (Matt. 23: 1-16). I have sat under some of the some of the most influential teachers in this country. This is only a statement of fact, nothing to boast about. I speak this to my shame, because I held them in such high esteem. This is also the problem in the church, placing men on pedestals. But it wasn’t until the year 2020, that I began to understand the politics of it all. Conservative worshipers thought the previous administration was God-sent. Not all of them mind you, only a select few with dollar signs in their eyes. I had come to trust and respect them. Hey, if I’m honest with myself I wanted to be them. I guess ignorance is bliss. Then I found out that they wanted for another 4 years, jaw-drop. My heart shattered into a million pieces. I felt betrayed by those whom I thought were my Christian brothers/leaders. I thought if anyone could spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing they could, but it’s not a matter of could they, it’s would they? It was all about the Benjamins. Feigned disgust over pro-choice, and the LGBTQ communities, even Satan is becomes. No one knows what these politicians are doing behind closed doors. Now that the elections are over certain things seem to be boiling up to the surface royalty. These two policies were their focal point. No one cared what he did or whose life he put on the line, as long as it wasn’t his.


The behavior of Christian leaders doesn’t change what the Word of Faith says. Said Word will change the lifes of Christins who would dare apply it. I would not be writing and you would not be reading this post had it not been for the Word of Faith. As I said before, the Word of faith and the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ are one in the same. And it needs to be in our hearts, and spoken from our lips.


In Rom 10:9 it says “that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; 10 for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation11  For the Scripture says, “WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT BE PUT TO SHAME.12  For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, abounding in riches for all who call on Him; 13  for “EVERYONE WHO CALLS ON THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE SAVED.”  (NASB)

Words are powerful indeed. They can change the course of history;, and they can change the coures of your life. The very ground you stand on came into being by the Word of God (John 1:1-3). The breath you breathe is there only because He breathed life into the face of Adam. Every man, woman, boy and girl that has ever walked on the face of this planet are products of the union of Adam and Eve. That is what the Bible teaches. This truth has nothing to do with politics one way or another. Somehow, someway, the political machine wormed its way into the heart of Christianity. Or is it the other way around, has the church wormed its way into politics? It doesn’t matter. What were “you know whose” famous words? it is what it is!


Let’s get back to the importance of the power of words. Our LORD Jesus also said if you confess me before men I will confess you before My Father (Matt.10:32). Our confession of words determines the fate of all mankind. Biblical Covenants are not only cut with blood, but with words. If there are no words spoken then there are no promises to keep or oaths to swear by (Heb. 6:11-17) To be continued…

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